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Julia Bell, Editor and Patient Information Specialist





I believe in the power of words (and pictures). My professional life over 40 years has been all about making words work in multiple media. No matter the subject, from car engines to health and wellbeing, I can tell the story, set out the information, create the production strategy and communicate the cause. Whatever it needs.

Health and patient information is my specialism, with health literacy a particular focus. Did you know that up to 61% of UK adults don't understand routine patient information? And1.5 million UK adults struggle to work out the right number of pills to take each week. I can help to make things clearer.

If you believe I'm approachable, it's probably because of the power of the picture above. So I always consider imagery. Whatever your word-based needs – from brand tone of voice to strategic planning; key messaging to copy editing; production to writing training – just get in touch. I'll be happy to hear from you. 

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